С какво да си оцапаме престилката днес?

Chickpea, pumpkin and feta cheese autumn salad

Chickpea, pumpkin and feta cheese autumn salad
Let’s say it straight-the autumn is not the season for salads in their traditional way. But they are fast,dietary decision for the week days. This salad is good source of fibres,very fast made and perfect for lunch boxes. Also the pumpkin has cleaning diuretic effect on the body plus all the goodness of the chickpea  which I mentioned in the other post. Also if you use tinned chickpeas you safe 30 min for making the salad.

What you need:

tinned chickpeas
300 gr. pumpkin ,peeled and seeds removed
200 gr. feta cheese
2 pieces of shallots
For the dressing:
1 tbsp orange vinegar
2 tsp olive
1/2 tsp smoked red pepper
parsley for garnish

How to prepare Chickpea, pumpkin and feta cheese autumn salad:

1. Season the pumpkin with olive oil and salt. Roast for 30 min on 180°C.
2. Drain the chickpeas.
3. Stir the dressing ingredients.
4. Dice the shallots on a small pieces, place the pumpking and the chikpeas and add the dressing.
5.Add diced  feta cheese and garnish with parsley leafs.

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