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Rhodopean Moussaka

Rhodopean Moussaka

Years ago we went to the Trigrad area for about two weeks and, besides the incredible nature, we enjoyed the infinitely delicious food the locals were preparing. I know the recipe for Rhodopean moussaka from our landlady, a wonderful and lovely woman who was preparing […]

Shakshuka- Israeli eggs with tomato sauce

Shakshuka- Israeli eggs with tomato sauce

Shakshuka is the perfect quick recipe. Ideal for the morning after a crazy evening, it contains all important ingredients for recovering from hangover- proteins, spicy flavor, and fresh touch of fresh parsley. Lately, such crazy dinners, with friends, are rare for me, but the presence […]

Bounty dessert

Bounty dessert

Yesterday, I was shopping in Billa and I saw they have coconuts, even though I bought them for a Pişmaniye Kurabiye, I decided to make a bounty dessert but not shaped like the standard chocolate bars, but as a dessert which you can serve on the table. This dessert blended nicely with the rest of the dishes served for dinner. From this quantity I made 3 portions, exactly how much I needed. To shape the bounty desserts you need silicon cooking mat, fridge and metal rings.

I personally like the combination of rum and coconut  and with this dessert I think I have made my home folks like it also. I used freshly grated coconut, but I suppose that the quality of it’s taste will be similar if coconut shavings are used. I guess that the flavor will not be so strong if you use coconut shaving.





½ of the inner part of one coconut

3 tablespoons coconut oil

2 tablespoons coconut sugar

1 tablespoon powdered sugar

2 tablespoons coconut flour

3 tablespoons of coconut water

50 g chocolate chip

20 g butter

1 tablespoon dark rum



How to prepare Bounty dessert:


  1. Grate the coconut core of a fine grater, add coconut oil, sugar powder and coconut water and whisk until blended. Leave in the fridge for about 20 minutes;


  1. Dissolve the chocolate chip with the butter on a hot water bath, add the coconut sugar and rum and stir until the mixture becomes smooth;


  1. On the silicon cooking mat, shape the dessert using a metal ring. First, put the half centimeter thick chocolate mixture in two separate rings, leave for a few minutes in the refrigerator until it hardens. Add the coconut part and then top with the chocolate mixture. Return the dessert in the fridge for a while. Store the chocolate mixture in a warm place, covered with a plastic foil, to keep it fresh.


Winter detox soup with sweet potato and green lentil

Winter detox soup with sweet potato and green lentil

And if this is not the season of the soup. The middle of January, it’s cold, most of us have given a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and eat healthier … What’s healthier for lunch than the body and soul warming soup and today […]

Mexican cocoa chili con carne and the legend of it

Mexican cocoa chili con carne and the legend of it

Yes, in the traditional Mexican chili cone recipe, there are cocoa, beef, chili peppers and, of course, beans (at least two types) – all the tastes typical of Mexico’s so rich cuisine, one of the few in the world to conquer the prestigious UNESCO status […]

Chickpea, pumpkin and feta cheese autumn salad

Chickpea, pumpkin and feta cheese autumn salad

Let’s say it straight-the autumn is not the season for salads in their traditional way. But they are fast,dietary decision for the week days. This salad is good source of fibres,very fast made and perfect for lunch boxes. Also the pumpkin has cleaning diuretic effect on the body plus all the goodness of the chickpea  which I mentioned in the other post. Also if you use tinned chickpeas you safe 30 min for making the salad.

What you need:

tinned chickpeas
300 gr. pumpkin ,peeled and seeds removed
200 gr. feta cheese
2 pieces of shallots
For the dressing:
1 tbsp orange vinegar
2 tsp olive
1/2 tsp smoked red pepper
parsley for garnish

How to prepare Chickpea, pumpkin and feta cheese autumn salad:

1. Season the pumpkin with olive oil and salt. Roast for 30 min on 180°C.
2. Drain the chickpeas.
3. Stir the dressing ingredients.
4. Dice the shallots on a small pieces, place the pumpking and the chikpeas and add the dressing.
5.Add diced  feta cheese and garnish with parsley leafs.


Turkey with broccoli under potato crust is easy autor recipe in which I combine favourite seasonal tastes and at the same time I try to make it light and healthy as much as possible. I`ve combined seasonal products with light mashed potatoes.   WHAT DO […]

Candied ginger slices – plan Christmas

Candied ginger slices – plan Christmas

Candied ginger slices are one the refreshing spicy delicacies in Asia.They have all the useful properties of the ginger and can replace the tablets for sore throat from the pharmacy. They can refresh your breath and at the same time are very warming because of […]

Vegan Pistachio Nut Cheese

Vegan Pistachio Nut Cheese

I saw this recipe somewhere scrolling trough my facebook feed, I was still trying to awaken and unfortunately I did not remember the source so I am not able to quote it. I liked her idea but  I forgot the components for the process. However for the next couple of days I was recalling in my mind this exact recipe every time I saw apricots placed on the little street stalls. My association was  coming  directly when i sensed the flavour combination between pistachio and apricot. Since I was not sure about the components I decided to experiment and I think the result was so good that I decided to share it on the blog.


What do we need:

200 g raw pistachios (no shell)

60 g nutritional yeast flakes

100 ml water;

100 ml of water for soaking nuts;

2 cloves of garlic

1 tsp. Maple syrup

1 lemon;

1 tbsp Agar agar powder;

pinch of salt


How to prepare Vegan Pistachio Nut Cheese:

  1. Soak the pistachio nuts in water for 3 hours.
  2. Grate the half the lemon and add it to the nuts;
  3. Put the pistachio nuts together with the garlic cloves, the yeast and lemon juice in a blender. 
  4. Add the maple syrup and salt to the mixture and blend again for about a minute.
  5. Add 1 tsp. agar-agar to 1 cup of hot water and wait for it to dissolve. Put the mixture to boil, simmer for 2-5 minutes and mix with the other already mixed  ingredients;
  6. Place on baking paper in a suitable container. Let it cool down and jelly;
  7. Garnish with apricots;


Бавно печени свински ребра с меласа сос Уорчестър

Бавно печени свински ребра с меласа сос Уорчестър

Oт свинското месо най-любими са ми ребрата. Дори, когато отида в нов ресторант винаги си поръчвам ребърца и това е един от водещите критерии дали ресторантът си е заслужавал, и дали бих го посетила отново. Бавно печени свински ребра със сладък привкус  се оказа не съвсем лека задача и като марината, и като време и процес на приготвяне.  В мариноването съм експериментирала с мед и горчица,  с желе от дюли и светъл соев сос, това също бяха интересни комбинации, но тази за бавно печени свински ребра с петмез сос Уорчестър, която искам да ви представя днес наистина ми стана любима. Имаше  доста неуспешни опити с времето на печене и новата ми фурна, но в крайна сметка успях да ги приготвя с сочността и крехкостта, които на мен ми допадат най-много. Рецептата не е бърза, но пък отделените усилия си заслужават.

Бавното готвене прави месото много крехко и сочно, лесно се отделя от костта и вкусът наистина е много наситен и добър.

Какво ни трябва:

700 гр. свински ребра

3-4 скилидки чесън

4 с.л. меласа

6 с.л. тъмен соев сос

2 с.л. сос Уочестър

80 мл.  уиски

2 с.л. сок от нар

10 зърна розов пипер

1 ч.л. мащерка

1 с.л. морска сол

Как се приготвят бавно печени свински ребра:

  1. Пасирайте чесъна, стрийте пипера и морската сол. Разбъркайте добре тези съставки и натрийте месото с тях, като леко го масажирате;
  2. В съд смесете соевия сос, уискито, соса от нар, меласата и портокаловия сок и го разбийте до хомогенизиране. Добавете месото и оставете за минимум 8 часа в хладилника;
  3.  Препоръчвам да печете в керамичен съд, защото топлината в него се разпределя по-равномерно и се задържа по-дълго сложете ребрата, заедно с марината в такър съд, покрийте го с алуминиево фолио и сложете в фурна на 100 градуса, за около 3 часа;
  4.  Махнете фолиото и запечете  още около половин час като вдигнете градусите във фурната на 200;
  5.  Гарнирайте с печени слайсове от батат с морска сол и мащерка. Прекрасно допълват вкуса на ребрата;